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It · Seemed · Important · At · The · Time

Being a decorated public account on the life and times of Mr. J. Leavitt.

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So is the 20th of December too soon to the holidays for a Dr. Sketchy's Session at the Slipper Room? We don't want to play to empty house. Freelancers, artists, and cool sketchy people, will you be in town and willing to give up 3 hours of valuable shopping time on Dec. 20th, 4-7, to drink and draw the lovely Darenzia?
* * *
December 6, 4-7pm
Dr. Sketchy's presents rockstars Lady J and Nik Sin
in a tribute to KISS.

The Slipper Room
167 Orchard St @ the corner of Stanton
F to Delancy

$10 in advance. $12 at the door
bring your own art supplies

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Today! 4-7, at the Slipper Room!


Our new venue and time! With international fetish model MOSH!

Be there or be unfashionable!


The Slipper Room is located on the corner of Orchard and Stanton Streets, one block below Houston St., on Manhattan's Lower East Side.

Take the F/V to 2nd ave/Lower east side!


* * *

Dr. Sketchy's this weekend is OMG STEAMPUNK! With the model Maeri.


3-6 pm at the Lucky Cat in Williamsburg.
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This is why any Watchmen movie would be bad.

Because any decent Watchmen movie would open with " An American Moon! (from the Heart's Delight Follies)" and end with Wacko Warner's "50 U.S States And Their Capitals."

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P.S: I'm guest editing Fleshbot Gay this week. Check it out if you like hot hot cocks and things that happen to them.

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Apparently some people don't like a blast of goatchesse and garlic in the morning.


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When you get Katie fucking Couric to break form and show utter contempt and eye-daggers of hate, you have done wrong.
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